• Building Mechanics TradesBMT

       The Building Mechanics Trades program is designed to teach entry-level, to advanced-level skills, primarily in Carpentry, Plumbing & the Electrical trades. Basic Masonry skills are also a part of the curriculum in year three. Students identify, measure, cut, repair, and install components relating to residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Students' hands-on experience gives them a significant advantage in obtaining employment in today’s competitive job market.
       The curriculum also includes architectural blueprint reading, job safety, job readiness, and job retention skills. Students gain valuable experience using hand & power tools common in the building construction industry. An important part of the instruction includes classroom instruction and the use of related books, videos, manuals, and catalogs.
    Topics of Study:
    Personal Safety Spackling & Corner Bead Installation
    Job Site Safety Soldering Copper Tubing
    Hand & Power Saw Safety & Usage Plumbing Fixture Installation
    Fastening Systems Realting to Building Construction Faucet Repair & Installation
    Common and Modern Building Materials Electrical Theory & Terminology
    Floor, Wall & Roof Framing Electrical House Wiring
    Stair Components & Construction Basic Masonry Tools
    Siding & Shingle Repair & Installation Laying Brick and Block
    Interior Trim & Door Installation Architectural Blueprint Reading
    Drywall Installation & Repair Job Preparedness

    Post-Secondary Options:

    Pennsylvania College of Technology
       Construction & Design Technologies
    Luzerne County Community College
       Plumbing, HVAC
    Johnson College
       Carpentry, Drywall Installation
    Trade Unions
       Electrical, Carpentry, Plumbing, Painters
    Career Opportunities:

    Framing Carpenter
    Trim Carpenter
    Roofing Contractor
    Drywall Installation Professional
    Building Maintenance employee
    Electrical Apprentice
    Plumbers Helper
    Tool and Building Material Salesperson
    Building Contractor
    Co-Op Opportunities:
    Simplex Industries
    Northeast Door Inc.
    Rob Taylor Construction
    Tully Construction