Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Ann Millan, MSN, RN

LPN Instructor

Ann Richards Millan received her BSN from Pennsylvania State University in 1981 and completed her MSN at Walden University in 2011. She began her nursing career as a neonatal nurse at Geisinger Danville. She worked in their tertiary  neonatal ICU and was a member of the retrieval helicopter team. Mrs. Millan then traveled to Florida and Arizona continuing her experiences in neonatal nursing. She returned to the Scranton area and worked in a variety of medical settings. These experiences included adult ICU, med-surg units, newborn nursery, long term care, and home health.  In 1988, Mrs. Millan worked at an outpatient kidney stone treatment facility and later held the position of clinical coordinator for 11 years. Her focus then turned to mental health and she began working at a residential facility for troubled youth. In addition, Mrs. Millan became an online instructor working with students completing health care degrees and certificates.

   In 2012, she joined the CTC team as a part-time clinical instructor. Currently, she is the full-time faculty member teaching Nursing Skills to level 1 and level 2 practical nursing students.