Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Janet Yontas

LPN Instructor

   Janet Yontas earned a BSN degree from Marywood College and a Master’s Degree in Nursing and Education from the University of Phoenix. She has worked in a variety of settings throughout her nursing career to include Oncology, Medical/Surgical, Hospice, and Women’s Health. She began her career at CTCLC as a part-time faculty clinical instructor in the specialties of obstetrics, pediatrics, and medical/surgical units. Upon completion of her MSNED from the University of Phoenix, Mrs. Yontas entered the full-time faculty staff educating students in both the classroom and clinical setting by taking on the specialty of Maternal-Family-Child Health. Her students benefit from the clinical rotation experience of varied settings to include obstetrics, pediatrics, day care settings, and an obstetric/pediatric simulation lab. She enjoys her involvement in the learning progression of student to nurse and proudly watches each student accept his/her diploma and enter the Practical Nursing Profession.