Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Sherreccia Jackson

Essential Skills Coordinator

Sherreccia Jackson holds a Master of Education in Teaching and Learning and has over 19 years of combined experience in education and alternative youth services. He has been in public service with experience in youth services, socioemotional consultation, vocational education, teaching (in both high school and postsecondary settings), youth advocacy, juvenile justice education remediation and coordination, employment training, administrative leadership, policy development, and implementation, state legislation development, federal and state grant management, career development/counseling and experience with working with individuals in challenging and adverse economic situations.

Mr. Jackson is a nationally certified Career Development Facilitator (CDF) through the National Career Development Association. His professional training repertoire includes the development of training programs for employment and training services in non-profit organizations, corrections (with special emphasis on juvenile transitions and youth advocacy), adult education, and higher education. In addition, he has a working knowledge of statistical compilation and research used to support the authoring of new and existing legislation at both state and federal levels. 

Mr. Jackson has an extensive working knowledge of restorative justice practices that provides alternative solutions in lieu of external district disciplinary measures resulting in educational disruptions. He also has extensive professional experience in facilitating mediation meetings in both urban and rural educational settings. Mr. Jackson's experience includes establishing and mediating reentry plans with school districts for youth experiencing educational disruptions due to disciplinary actions in matters of incarceration, suspension, and/or expulsion. He is also experienced in creating and maintaining distance education programs that keeps students connected with sending schools and/or recover education losses.

Mr. Jackson has written numerous articles and is a published author. He has completed Transformational Leadership, as designed by John Maxwell around the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership.  This is a cornerstone of his speaking and leadership.