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       The Plumbing and Heating program has a specialized classroom and lab for practical learning experience including layout, assembly, installation and repair of pipes, fittings and fixtures of water and drainage systems according to specifications and plumbing codes.  Students gain experience in soldering, brazing and the use of hand and power tools specific to this occupation.
       The Curriculum also includes the design and installation of steam, hydronic, and warm air heating systems.  Efficiency testing, adjustment of oil and gas fired boilers, furnaces and operating controls are covered extensively.  The use of manuals, books and catalogs is also an important segment of instruction.


    What You Will Learn:


    Personal Safety in Training Lab

    Water Distribution

    Job Site Safety

    Steel and Cast Iron Piping

    Blueprint Reading and Sketching of Pipe Systems

    Drains and Sewers

    Pipe Specifications and Systems

    Installing Fixtures, Appliances and Vents

    Use of Hand and Power Tools

    Maintaining Plumbing Systems

    Identify and Install Valves

    Advanced Pipe Fabrication

    Working with Copper Fitting

    Pressure Boilers

    Plastic and Pipe Tubing

    Hydronic Heating Systems


    Post-Secondary Options:


    Pennsylvania College of Technology

    Luzerne County Community College

    Johnson College


    Plumbers and Pipe Fitters Local 524 - Apprenticeship Program


    Career Opportunities:


    Service Repair Plumber

    Heating Repair Technician

    Well Pumps and Water Treatment Systems Technology

    Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling

    Service Engineer

    Plumbing and Heating Fixture Sales Representative

    Oil Burner Service Technician


    Co-Op Opportunities:

     Local Licensed Plumbing and Heating Contractors


    Employers Who Have Hired Our Plumbing Students Include:


    R. J. Walker Plumbing and Heating Company
    Regal Plumbing and Heating

    Successful Alumni Stories:

       Kevin Caparo is a 1990 graduate of the Plumbing and Heating program.  Kevin is the Assistant Director of Plant Resources at Allied Services Integrated Health Systems.  He is also the proud owner of his own business, Caparo's HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical, for 25 years.  Kevin states that "CTCLC gave me the skills I needed to obtain and maintain a job within the Plumbing Industry.  Values that were instilled in me then, such as work ethic, time management and working effectively on a team, still help me everyday on the job."
       Kevin Caparo
       "Two things I learned at CTCLC that are most important to me are the trade of Plumbing itself and personal conduct.  The trade itself is so much more than I thought it ever was.  Plumbing expands from simple pipe work to complex wiring systems.  Our teacher also taught us how to conduct ourselves inside someone's home.  Respect for people and their property are important parts of learning this trade."
       Chance, Carbondale 
       " What we learned is something that I would actually use on the job or at home.  I really enjoyed the opportunity to work on different machines and projects with other classmates.  In order to complete some of the assignments, a helping hand was necessary.  Pipe Threading was something I enjoyed learning because there are many different skills and tools you need to accomplish this."
       Jeremy, North Pocono