• MasonryMasonry
    The Masonry program utilizes a specialized lab and classroom for practical learning. The program includes mixing cement and concrete materials; setting and laying blocks, brick, chimney blocks, and ornamental brickwork. Practice includes laying masonry units to the line; erecting walls, chimneys, brick and block piers, brick arches, plastering, stone veneer work; and an actual working fireplace.
    Students will learn how to square and build foundations, as well as form and pour concrete. Basic skill development in the use of trowels, brick rules, levels, transits, and blueprint reading will be emphasized.
    Topics of Study:

    Personal Safety Block to the Line
    Job Site Safety Brick Leads
    Mixing Mortar Brick Corners
    Mixing Concrete Brick to the Line
    Use of Hand Tools Plastering Applications
    Block Leads Stone Veneer Walls
    Block Corners Brick Pavers

    Post-Secondary Options:
    Pennsylvania College of Technology, for Masonry Training.
    Pennsylvania Bricklayers Local Union No. 5
    Career Opportunities :
    Block Mason
    Cement Finisher
    Mason Tender
    Business Owner
    Union Bricklayer
    Co-Op- Opportunities:
    Concrete Step Units
    Knowlton & Sons Masonry
    Warnowski Stone Co.
    Perry Construction Co.