• WeldingWelding

       The Welding Technology program provides students with training in oxy-acetylene cutting, AC/DC shielded metal arc welding, gouging, semi-automatic gas metal arc welding, flux core welding and tungsten inert gas welding. 
       Students start with planning and layout work, then progress to setting up and operating welding and cutting (Oxy-Fuel, and Plasma) equipment. The students learn Shielded metal arc as well as Mig solid wire, Flux core, and Tig welding in all positions. Some of the metals we weld with are Carbon Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and Cast Iron, to name a few. Emphasis is placed on safety as well as blueprint reading, properties of metal, metal identification, type and use of electrodes, welding rods, electrical principles, and welding symbols. 
       The use of manuals, specification charts, and understanding the welding standards established by the American Welding Society and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers are also stressed. Training in the planning, layout, forming, joining, and fabrication of various shapes in light and heavy gauge metal and pipe is provided. Students are exposed to the use of specialized hand tools, shears, forming and shaping machines, drill presses, and metal cutting saws. Inspection and testing processes as well as procedures are also demonstrated and explained.
       The students will work on various projects throughout the time they are enrolled in the Welding program. We work on projects for the school, other teachers, students, outside customers, etc.

    Program Expectations:

       Nature of the Program - Welders may work alone or as part of a team of welders in a factory, building a bridge, or performing work on large objects. Welders in construction firms normally work outside and may be required to work on scaffolds, lifts or platforms. They normally work 40+hours a week, and can work on any one of three shifts.

       What is Expected from the Students - I demand and expect a great deal of hard work and effort from each one of my students. It’s a privilege to be at the CTC and in the Welding Program, and we have a waiting list for students wanting to come to welding; if you don’t think Welding is for YOU ( It’s not for everyone.), or that you’re going to show up and waste time, You should reconsider. 
       The students are expected to act as professional young men and women, not only in the Lab area, but in general. I do not tolerate profanity, stealing, lying, cheating, laziness, cellphones, disrespecting me or the other students, or defacing school or other students’ property. 
       As a student in my class we will learn, we will make mistakes, and we will learn from our mistakes... We will have our good days, and we will have our bad days, we will be safe, and we will have fun...

    Topics of Study:

    Safety in the workplace
    Oxy-Fuel and Plasma Arc Cutting
    Design and Fabrication
    SMAW ( Stick Welding)
    GMAW ( Mig welding with solid wire)
    FCAW ( Flux core Mig Welding)
    GTAW ( Tig Welding)
    Welding Repair
    Maintenance of Equipment
    Sand blasting
    Reading and Understanding Blueprints and Welding Symbols

    Co-Op opportunities:

    Pleasant Mountain Welding
    Lockheed Martin
    Main Technology
    Tensley Design
    Simplex Industries
    Gumon Welding
    Icon ( Formerly Runco), etc.

    Career Opportunities:

    Pipeline Welders
    Sheet Metal Workers
    Metal Sculptors
    Welding Technicians
    Combination Welder
    Welding Instructor
    Welding Analyst
    Welder Fitter
    Welding Operator
    Welding Inspector
    Welding Engineer
    Welding Sales
    Structural Steel Worker
    Specialized Welder or Foreman