• Service Occupations
       The Service Occupations Education program provides students with the opportunity to explore different career pathways in the personal service cluster and gain competitive employability skills needed for job seeking. This program provides instruction in the fields of custodial services, commercial laundry, distribution of goods, housekeeping, and office skills/clerical procedures. Students learn hands-on skills in a lab setting and participate in related activities within a school setting. The program stresses workplace skills, the development of good work habits, and the ability to work cooperatively.

    Topics of Study:
    Safety in the Workplace
    Office Skills & Clerical Procedures
    Warehouse Distribution

    Career Opportunities:
    Office Clerk
    Stock Clerk and Order Fillers
    Helpers- Production Workers
    Janitor and Cleaner
    Maids and Housekeeping Cleaners
    Laundry and Dry-Cleaning Worker
    Laundry Delivery
    Retail Sales