• Service Occupations

    The Service Occupations Education program provides students with the opportunity to explore different career pathways in the personal service cluster and gain competitive employability skills needed for job-seeking. This program provides instruction in the fields of custodial services, commercial laundry, distribution of goods, housekeeping, and office skills/clerical procedures. Students learn hands-on skills in a lab setting and participate in related activities within a school setting. The program stresses workplace skills, the development of good work habits, and the ability to work cooperatively.

    Topics of Study:
    Safety in the Workplace
    Office Skills & Clerical Procedures
    Warehouse Distribution

    Career Opportunities:
    Office Clerk
    Stock Clerk and Order Fillers
    Helpers- Production Workers
    Janitor and Cleaner
    Maids and Housekeeping Cleaners
    Laundry and Dry-Cleaning Worker
    Laundry Delivery
    Retail Sales