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       The Health Occupations Technology program is designed to prepare students for a variety of health career occupations (Nursing Assistant and Medical Assistant) and prepare students for post-secondary education (Registered Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse, Occupational and Physical Therapy Assistant, Physician Assistant). The Health Occupations Technology program is planned and delivered in a three-tier approach, each level builds upon the previous year learning experiences.

    Topics of Study:

    Level I: Students learn basic human anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, and growth and development across the life span. This year is the foundation for their chosen health care occupation.

    Level II: Students will enter the Pennsylvania State Nurse Aide Training Program upon fulfilling state requirements. Within this program, students are to complete mandatory theory, laboratory, and clinical hours. With the successful completion of required components, students are able to take the certification examination to become a Certified Nurse Aide.

    Level III: Students learn various aspects of Medical Assisting. Student will learn administrative components to medical assisting such as scheduling, medical records, billing and coding. Students will learn clinical aspect such as medical asepsis, OSHA standards, and cardiopulmonary procedures. With the successful completion of required components, students are able to take the certification examination to become a Certified Medical Administrative Assistant and Certified EKG Technician.

    Post-Secondary Options:

    Penn State University - Nursing

    Marywood University - Nursing, Physician Assistant
    Kings UniversityNursing - Physician Assistant
    Mansfield College - Nursing
    Luzerne Community College - Nursing
    Penn Tech - Nursing
    Career Technology Center of Lackawanna County - Practical Nursing

    Co-Op Opportunities:

    St. Mary’s Villa

    Osprey Ridge Nursing Home
    Allied Services Skilled Nursing


    St. Mary’s Villa

    Osprey Ridge Nursing Home
    Allied Services Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation
    Green Ridge Care Center
    Geisinger Community Medical Center Hospital
    Regional Hospital
    Moses Taylor Hospital

    Industry Certification Opportunities:

    Certified Nurse Aide (CNA)                                                Pa Department of Health

    Certified Medical Administrative Assistant(CMAA)         National Healthcareer Association
    Certified EKG Technician (CET)                                        National Healthcareer Association
    HeartSaver CPR with AED                                                 American Heart Association
    First Aid                                                                                 American Heart Association

    Career Opportunities:

       With certifications you have earned in Health Occupations Technology, you have several career opportunities and work in different aspects of the health care industry, including:

    Nursing Home

    Home Health
    Physician Office

    Testimonial from Graduates:

       "I am a graduate of the 2014 class of Health Occupations Technology. The Health Occupations Technology class has benefited me in many ways; it has opened my eyes to what I want for my future, it showed me many things that I was capable of that not even I knew I could do; it showed me how to care for the people in the need and how to be compassionate and helpful. It gave me knowledge of the career field that I want to go into which is the medical field. It showed me all the requirements that I needed to know for my future. I am now CPR certified, which I can use anywhere to help people. I also became a Certified Nurse Aide that has helped me now because I have moved to New York City and I am working as a CNA. In addition, it helped me be accepted to the college of my choice for the nursing program of Monroe College. It is a very competitive program and the admission office considered me because I had a health occupation background. It has also benefited me in the way that I became more mature, I see things in a different perspective. Now I will be going to college on January and I am on my way to become a Physician Assistant for a pediatric oncologist."

       Leslie Soto graduate of the class of 2014

    Testimonial from Current Students:

       "The Health Occupations Technology (HOT) program at the Career Technology Center of Lackawanna County has helped me make career decisions, build leadership skills, meet new people and among all has given me the education I need to continue into my career path. By joining the "HOT" family, you will get to experience many aspects of the healthcare field as well as having the chance to obtain your Nurse assistant, CPR certification, Medical Assistant and EKG certifications. As a senior in high school, I have planned to apply to Nova Southeastern University, a private university in Ft. Lauderdale Florida for their Dual enrollment Physician's Assistant program as well as The University of Sciences in Philadelphia for the same major. I have obtained my Nurse assistant as well as my CPR certification in my junior year and I am currently starting the process of obtaining my EKG and Medical Assistant certifications. Currently employed by The Wayne Woodlands Manor as a Certified Nurse Assistant and plan to be employed as a medical assistant by the end of my senior year. My Health Occupations family and instructor have given utmost support, motivation and encouragement towards all of my decisions. Without the opportunities given to me by the program I do not believe I would be where I am today as far as my career choices, interpersonal skills and so much more. I am thankful for the opportunity I was given, to join HOT and believe if you have interest in healthcare this is the program for you."

       Brianna Spizzirri Class of 2015

       "The benefits of being in the Health Occupations are extensive. A major part is the certifications. It is amazing to be a certified nurse aide while still in high school. More benefits include the expansion of ones knowledge for any career involved in the heath field. In addition, the friends you make in this class are amazing and influence your life greatly and you truly become a family. Another benefit would be Skills USA, because it allows you to test your knowledge/skills in the trade that you have spent the last one-three years learning about.
    I am currently undecided about the college I am planning on attending, but Penn State Worthington Scranton would probably be my top choice right now."
       Alexandra Auriemma Class of 2015