Monday and Wednesday   6:00 – 10:00        December 9, December 11 and December 16, 2019

    This training is the 8 hour PENNDOT Course plus a test day  which covers all aspects of Pennsylvania’s Emission Inspection Program. After attending and passing the exams satisfactorily, you will be able to emissions inspect all vehicles registered in ALL counties with approved equipment. This course offers more than a license. Emissions control systems, gas relationships and OBD functions are discussed in depth. (12 hour course total)

    $180.00 Training Fee - Paid to CTC

    Instructor: J. Spencer, Certified Auto Instructor, PA State Inspection Mechanic, & PA Certified Instructor of State Inspection.

    ***You need to register and pay for the exam on www.patrainingportal.com - Paid to PennDOT