CTCLC Business Office

  •    The business office area is responsible for payroll and personnel matters, budgets, financial reporting, property and casualty insurance, accounts receivable and accounts payable. Moreover, all financial functions of the school fall under the responsibility of this office. Business office personnel are all dedicated professionals who take their service to stakeholders seriously. Personnel in the business office are dedicated to continually improving process and functions of the office.

    Q) How is the CTCLC funded?
    A) Most of the CTCLC revenue is from participating school districts based on the number of students they send. Non-participating school can also send students on a tuition basis.

    Q) Are the financial records of the school audited?
    A) Just like a school district, the CTCLC is subject to undergo an annual local single audit, along with periodic state and federal audits. Copies of audit reports are available upon request.

    Q) How are budgets of the CTCLC prepared?
    A) The proposed budget of the school is originated in the business office. This document is then moved to each participating school district for consideration and approval.

    Q) Which governing body is responsible for the operation of the school?
    A) The Joint Operating Committee, consisting of representatives from each school district, is responsible for the operation of the school.

    If you have any additional questions contact:
    James McHale
    Chief Financial Officer
    Phone: 570.346.8471, EXT 194

       Visit the Joint Operating Committee’s overview and responsiblities page if you are interested in reviewing CTCLC’s Budgetary Information.