• Culinary ArtsCU1

       The Culinary Arts program at CTC of Lackawanna County consists of a series of planned courses designed to provide students with skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary for mid-level and middle management employment and post- secondary training in food related careers. 
       Many young people work as chefs, cooks, and other kitchen/restaurant and front of the house workers - over 20% are between the ages of 16 and 19 years old. Culinary Arts workers handle, prepare, cook, and serve food in a customer-orientated business. Working conditions may vary depending on the establishment and the type and quantity of food prepared. The work is time managed, the environment is often hot and working under pressure is the norm. Working hours vary, dictated by the type of establishment, with long irregular hours including holidays and weekends. Again, emphasis is placed upon an environment where the work is often fast paced and time managed since the product is perishable.
    CU2    All courses integrate safety, leadership, employability skills, mathematics, and science instruction wherever applicable. The instruction and on-the-job training will be conducted in a fully equipped cafeteria and restaurant at the school. Students will learn how to order, receive, store, prepare, manage and serve food and beverage along with measuring, mixing, and proportioning using various utensils, tools, and equipment. Courses employ guidelines for safety and sanitation according to HAACP, ServSafe and OSHA standards as set forth by the state of Pennsylvania and as adopted from accredited culinary schools such as the Culinary Institute of America, Johnson and Wales, Penn College and the American Culinary Federation. Students are assessed by teacher-made rubrics, projects, tests, quizzes, and participation in school and out of school activities. 
       Upon completion of the culinary arts program, students have the qualifications to start a career in a culinary arts establishment. Students are also actively recruited for further culinary education in two or four year post-secondary programs. For the student that is willing to learn and work, there are countless opportunities for employment and advancement in the culinary arts industry.

    Topics of Study:

    Safety Procedures Cheese Preparation
    Sanitation Procedures Vegetable and Fruit Preparation
    Knowledge of the Food Industry Salads, Fruits & Salad Dressings
    Purchasing, Receiving & Storage Procedures Food Seasoning
    Skill in Garde Mangre' Stocks, Soups & Sauce Preparation
    Use & Care of Cutting Tools & Utensils Identifying & Cooking Poultry & Seafood
    Use & Care of Mechanical Food Preparation Equipment Skills in Basic Baking Practices
    Standardized Recipes Plan and Cost Menus
    Knowledge of Nutrition Institutional Food Service Procedures
    Breakfast Food Preparation "Front-of-the-House" Operations
    Knowledge of Beverages Dining Room Services
    Pasta & Rice Preparation Personal Computer Skills

    Industry Certification Opportunities:

    ServSafe Certification
     American Culinary Federation Certification

    Post-Secondary Options:

    Pennsylvania College of Technology
       Degree, Food and Hospitality Mgmt/Culinary Arts

    Luzerne County Community College
       Degree, Restaurant and Hospitality Mgmt/Culinary Arts

    Keystone College
       Degree, General Education

    Johnson and Whales University
       Degree, Restaurant and Hospitality Mgmt/Culinary Arts

    Lincoln Tech
       Culinary Arts Certificate

    Lackawanna College
       Associate of Science Degree in Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management
    Culinary Institute of America
       Degree, Restaurant and Hospitality Mgmt/Culinary Arts

    ACF (American Culinary Federation)
       Apprenticeship Program

    Co-Op Opportunities:

    Aramark, Scranton University
    Burger King
    Chartwell’s, Marywood University
    Vincenzo’s Pizzeria, West Scranton
    Mohegan Sun Casino

    Career Opportunities:

    Butchers and Meat cutters
    Institutional/Private Bakers
    Food Production Manager
    Kitchen Supervisor
    Restaurant Manager
    Sous Chef
    Kitchen Helper
    Food Preparation and Production Assistant
    Storeroom Manager
    Banquet Manager
    Inventory Controller
    Product Development
    Advertising and Research
    Dining Room Management

    Success Stories:

    Mario B., What the Fork Food Truck, Dunmore Pa
       Co-founder and executive chef of What the FORK Truck, Mario B., 27, put into practice what most only preach: follow your dreams. One year ago he launched his food truck to wild success and acclaim, locally and now nationally. A CTC of Lackawanna Culinary Arts Program Graduate, Mario has trained at the Restaurant School at Walnut Hill; Mario has always had passion for food and has proven that determination, creativity and a lot of hard work can yield amazing results.

    J.Z., CTC of Lackawanna County Class of 2014
    Pennsylvania College of Technology, Class of 2018 
       "Attending the Career Technology Center of Lackawanna County has bettered my life. I went from not having a clue to what I was doing with my life to falling in love with what I am going to do the rest of my life. The Career Technology Center of Lackawanna County has taught me so much not only about my major but also how to meet new people and associate with people not only in my field of study but also in other fields. I have met so many new people at the school, people that will always be in my life. "Chef Steve" was an amazing instructor along with all of the other phenomenal instructors there. If I was able to change my decision about going to CTC, I would not change it at all. It was one of the best choices I have ever made. I now attend Penn College getting my Bachelor’s Degree in Culinary Arts. Cooking is what I want to do with my life and I figured that all out because of the Career Technology Center of Lackawanna County."

    A.T., CTC of Lackawanna County Class of 2014
    Culinary Institute of America, Class of 2016
       "CTC has provided me with the skills I need to succeed in my career choice. I believe that CTC along with the instructors and its staff has pushed me to overcome the obstacles so that way I can be the best that I possibly can be. Chef Stephen Anania has taught me that striving for what you want will one day pay off and I think that's what CTC is all about. So if you were to ask me what CTC means to me in two words I would probably say, “It means Professionalism and Home." I say professionalism because it truly is the best education for someone who wants to make a career out of working hands on in a specific career field. And I say Home because CTC will always be a home to me whether I’m halfway across the world or at home in my backyard I know I can always come back to reminisce on the good times."

    Current Students, CTC of Lackawanna County
       “The two of the greatest things I learned at CTC that are most important to me are the Foodservice industry itself and respect for me and others and the respect it commands. The Foodservice Industry itself is so much more than I thought it was. Culinary Arts expands cultures and brings people together to form a common bond. Teamwork is promoted here at CTC where individuals work for a common goal. Success is measured not by dollars and cents, but from self-gratification and perseverance and accomplishments.”