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October Student of the Month

   Marvin Rice, a Junior from Lakeland High School, has been nominated by his Service Occupations Instructor, Mrs. Arielle Connor for October Student of the Month. Mrs. Connor states, “Marvin has been doing an outstanding job in the Service Occupations program. He comes to school every day with a positive attitude. He is very friendly to all teachers and students in the building. Moreover, Marvin welcomes new students in to the program and helps to peer teach the new students. He coaches his peers by demonstrating the tasks and assisting them throughout their job tasks. Marvin also provides positive encouragement to his peers and motivates them to do their best. Marvin has truly stood out as a role model to the other students here at CTC.” In his spare time, he likes to play video games, watch movies, and play basketball.
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Mackenzie McAndrew, Service Occupations Lab Assistant; Marvin Rice and Arielle Connor, Service Occupations Instructor.