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April Student of the Month Sponsored by Fastenal

April Student of the Month: Sponsored by Fastenal

Gabrielle Noavk, a senior from Lakeland High School, has been nominated April Student of the Month by her Child Development Instructor, Mrs. Kristine Lenceski. “Gabby goes above and beyond, taking initiative to be part of everything, so that she can make a difference by doing some special thing. She speaks 3 languages, has summer employment at Once Upon a Time Daycare (with infants), and will be graduating from CTCLC with honors. Her grades are excellent and her ambition is inspiring. She is always helping someone with something”, stated Mrs. Lenceski.  While in the Child Development program, Gabby has obtained her Better Kid Care certificate, OSHA 10, Infant, Child, Adult CPR/Basic First Aid & AED, and 11 Employability Skills through Career Safe and a Mandated Reporter through PSU extension.


Gabby is the daughter of Melissa and Joe Novak. Gabby strives to keep high grades and was inducted into the National Technical Honor Society last week. She is also a CTC Student Ambassador. “Where I lived before I moved to America, I didn’t have the opportunity to learn at all. So, when I moved to America, I saw the chance to start over and work hard, and when I heard about CTC I didn’t think twice about applying”, stated Gabby. At Lakeland, she played lacrosse and is part of the Art club. 


Gabby loved to volunteer and work with children. She completed 55 hours of service work last summer. She has been on the honor roll many times and had been nominated as the most respectful student in the past. She completed the HOBY leadership seminar in her sophomore year. 


Upon graduation, Gabrielle plans to attend Misericordia University and pursue her degree in education. She has received a Merit scholarship for all four years of $6,000. 

April Student of the Month: Sponsored by Fastenal

Norah Moon, a senior from Abington Heights High School, has been nominated April Student of the Month by her Cosmetology Instructor, Ms. Christine Menichini. “Norah is an excellent student who is the epitome of a team player. She has great attendance, completes all assignments, is a class leader, a great peer coach, and goes above and beyond every day to challenge herself. Norah is always willing to learn and try new trends in our industry. In the student salon, she will perform any service she is asked to do without hesitation. She will be a great asset to any salon that hires her”, stated Ms. Menichini. While in the Cosmetology program, Norah obtained her OSHA10, Barbicide Covid19, and Barbicide certification. She has participated in every community service event at the senior centers. 

 Norah is the daughter of John Moon and Marcia Suetlovices. “I came to CTC because of the opportunity and because I am a hands-on learner”, stated Norah. She has made the honor roll every quarter and had an average in the mid-90s. In her spare time, Norah enjoys skateboarding, volleyball, scrapbooking, and engaging in outdoor activities.

 Upon graduation, Norah would like to work in a salon, specifically Great Clips.


April Student of the Month: Sponsored by Fastenal

Yazmin Moreira, a senior from West Scranton High School, has been nominated for April Student of the Month by her Medical Assistant Instructor, Mrs. Jen Savo. “Yazmin is a kind, intelligent student that works well with others. She has maintained high grades and has excellent attendance. She volunteered for Colon Cancer awareness' last year and showed leadership skills in assisting her fellow seniors to study for their CCMA ”, stated Mrs. Savo. While in the Medical Assistant program, Yazmin obtained her AHA (BLS) CPR/AED, Mandated Reporting, and OSHA10,  and is eligible to sit for CCMA in May. She is currently out on Co-Op working at Geisinger Hospital and will be an asset to the Health Care field. 


Yazmin is the daughter of Silvana Huertas. When asked why she chose CTC, Yazmin stated, “I thought it was a great opportunity and I wanted to have a career in nursing. I remember when I was in 9th grade I shadowed the Medical Assistant and I fell in love with the program”.  At West Scranton, Yazmin has been on the honor roll every quarter throughout her high school career and participated in the Honor Society, Track & Field, art club, health careers club, and community service club. At CTCLC, she is a Student Ambassador and was inducted into the National Technical Honor Society just last week. 


Upon graduation, Yazmin plans to take a gap year, work at Geisinger Hospital as a nurse assistant and enroll in Lackawanna College’s Physical Therapist Assistant program the following fall.