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October Students of the Month: Sponsored by Fastenal

October Student of the Month: Sponsored by Fastenal  

Marley Bodnar, a junior from Lakeland High School, has been nominated October Student of the Month by her Cosmetology Instructor, Mrs. Kristina Petrauskas. “Marley has consistently excelled in cosmetology, demonstrating remarkable skills and dedication. Her exceptional grades are a testament to her commitment to learning and self-improvement. Marley's eagerness to assist her peers and her collaborative, team-player mentality make her an invaluable asset to our school community. Furthermore, her positive and professional attitude is infectious, creating a motivating and uplifting atmosphere for everyone around her. Marley truly embodies the qualities that make us all #CTCProud, and she deserves this recognition for her outstanding contributions”, stated Mrs. Petrauskas. While in the Cosmetology program, Marley obtained her OSHA10 for cosmetology certification. Marley also acts as a student mentor in the cosmetology program, helping those who need extra support. Even when she struggles with a specific task, her positive attitude shines through as she tries again.

Marley is the daughter of Lori Bodnar and Robert Owen. Marley strives to maintain high grades and has maintained an A average throughout her time at CTC as well as placing Advance in her Biology Keystones at Lakeland. Marley is a CTC Student Ambassador who is heavily involved with tour groups and took the initiative in  developing days for Red Ribbon Week. “ I joined CTC to have a hands-on experience with something I enjoy doing”, stated Marley.

At Lakeland, Marley is a member of SADD, FBLA, FCCLA, a Student Mentor, Unified Track club and the National Honor Society. 


October Student of the Month: Sponsored by Fastenal

Alex Cali, a senior from Mid Valley High School, has been nominated October Student of the Month by his Cooperative Education Instructor, Mrs. Bonnie Baker. “Alex has been working at Richard Mellow Electric since the spring of 2023. He has been a leader in Co-op by fulfilling all work requirements, showing strong soft skills, and attaining perfect scores from his workplace supervisor”, stated Mrs. Baker. While in the Electrical program, Alex has obtained his OSHA10, OSHA30, and Ladder Safety and balances daily Co-op work, submitting pay stubs, and working hard on the job. “Alex is a genuine person and leader. He quietly leads and is a positive role model. This stems from what he learns in the classroom to how he performs in the shop area. The desire to help others, the willingness to learn new things, and his courage to overcome obstacles. Specifically, he builds others up, volunteers to do any task with a positive attitude, and is willing to learn new tasks without prompting. It is an honor to teach Alex. Alex has also won the Challenge Program Inc. award for the most improved student which is sponsored by UGI”, stated Mr. Robert Letteri, Electrical Instructor. 

Alex is the son of Tracy and Louis Cali. While at CTC, Alex has strived to succeed in both the Electrical program and his Co-Op opportunity with Richard Mellow Electric. At Mid Valley, Alex has strived to maintain high grades throughout the years. 

Upon graduation, Alex plans on graduating from high school and enrolling in a 5-year Electrical Apprenticeship with the Electrical Union. He plans to take his union test in 2024. 

October Student of the Month: Sponsored by Fastenal

Elizabeth Novak, a senior from Lakeland High School, has been nominated October Student of the Month by her Culinary Instructor, Chef Steve Anania. “The reason I chose to nominate Lizzy is not just because of all her accomplishments at CTCLC.  The reasons I chose to nominate her are simple.  She has been nothing but respectful towards me and the rest of the faculty.  She is a hard worker and wants to advance in the Culinary Field.  She helps out whenever and with whatever she can.  My biggest reason for nominating her is because of how she has accomplished all these things and her attitude in general, despite dealing with great adversity throughout her life”, stated Chef Steve. 

Elizabeth is the daughter of Melissa and Joe Novak. While at CTC, Elizabeth obtained her OSHA 10 and ServSafe Food Handlers Food Certification. She is also currently out on Co-Op at the Scranton Country Club as Garde Mangre Chef. Through Co-Op, she prepares for multiple banquets. She is a National Technical Honor Society candidate,  has had a consistent A average throughout her time at CTCLC, and is a Skills USA District Competitor. “ I chose to come to CTC because it was always my dream to cook. CTC made my dreams seem possible and overall, is a good school”, states Elizabeth. 

At Lakeland, Elizabeth is a peer counselor. She is also taking college classes through  Keystone College. In her spare time, Elizabeth volunteers at her local library. 

Upon graduation, Elizabeth would like to attend Johnson and Wales University and pursue her dreams in culinary. Eventually, she would like to open up her own restaurant.