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November Students of the Month: Sponsored by Fastenal

November Student of the Month: Sponsored by Fastenal

Melanie Olvera, a junior from West Scranton High School, has been nominated November  Student of the Month by her Child Care and Development Instructor, Mrs. Kristinesom Lenceski. “She has all her clearances and certifications completed and up to date. She will be competing in SkillsUSA for lesson planning, does volunteer work/community service as a hobby, and excels academically in this class, being the first student to get consecutive 100s on her report card. She is kind, helpful, respectful, reliable, generous, hard-working, and an all-around positive role model who is a perfect representation of what CTC represents. This spring she will take part in the dual enrollment through Keystone College. She is an essential key to a successful program and to this class. She is the epitome of what CTC identifies as Student of the Month, stated Mrs. Lenceski. While in the Child Development program, Melanie obtained her OSHA10, Mandated Reporter, and, all Employability skills. 


Melanie is the daughter of Jesus Olvera and Martha Vazquez. At CTC, Melanie is very involved as a Student Ambassador, giving tours to incoming students and participating in community service initiatives. She has also been conducting the daily announcements for two years. She has strived to succeed in the Child Development program and has maintained an A average. “I chose to go to CTC to pursue my desire of working with children. I also wanted to experience a more hands-on education that aligns with the career path I want to follow ", stated Melanie. 


At West Scranton, Melanie is part of the Red Cross Club and serves as the Vice President. She is also an Honor Roll student. Although only a junior, Melanie plans to work with children in the health field after attending an area university.




November Student of the Month: Sponsored by Fastenal

Jason Oakey, a senior from Mid Valley High School, has been nominated November Student of the Month by his Carpentry Instructor, Mr. Shane Malicky. “Jason's grades and attendance at CTC are prime examples of why Jason should be chosen as a student of the month for CTC.  Jason's work philosophy in the Carpentry program is second to none”, stated Mr. Malicky. He has obtained his OSHA10 certification and four American Ladder Safety certifications. 


Jason is the son of Jason and Karen Oakey. While at CTC, Jason has been part of community service initiatives with the carpentry program, like fixing the benches at the Dunmore Missy League and also the building at the Tripp Park Softball field. “I came to CTC to obtain the trade of carpentry and aid with my future career”, states Jason. 


Outside of CTC and Mid Valley, Jason is a volunteer at the Dickson City Fire Department. He has volunteered his time at the department for 4+ years. Jason is an avid outdoorsman. He enjoys hunting and fishing. During the summer, Jason works with Perry's General Contracting on many different construction projects.


Upon graduation, Jason was accepted into the Carpentry/Cabinetmaking program at Johnson College.  He may choose to seek employment as a firefighter or start his own business.


November Student of the Month: Sponsored by Fastenal  

Darrell Smith, a senior from Forest City Regional High School, has been nominated November Student of the Month by his Carpentry Instructor, Mr. Shane Malicky. “Darrell shows leadership qualities in the carpentry program that will benefit him greatly in a real-world construction job.  Darrell goes out of his way to help others in the program if they are struggling to complete tasks or assignments in the shop.  Darrell has good grades and made every effort to keep his grades up even when absent due to Forest City School Activities and other ailments”, stated Mr. Malicky. While in the Carpentry program, Darrell obtained his OSHA10 certification in Construction Safety and Health and four American Ladder Safety Certifications. He has also helped build benches at the Dunmore Missy League and helped build a building for Tripp Park Softball. Darrell is an active CTC Student Ambassador helping with 9th grade tours, numerous community service initiatives, and more. Darrell is looking to go out on a Cooperative education placement this year. He has competed at SkillsUSA, in multiple years and will be heading to the district competition in the upcoming weeks. 

Darrell is the son of Darrell and Katherine Smith. Darrell strives to stay involved as much as he can. At Forest City, Darrell is an FCR Student Council Member (former President) and currently serves as the social chair. He has won district competitions for F.B.L.A and competed at the state level. Darrell is involved with the Envirothon Club and has been on the Honor Roll all four years of high school. During the Thanksgiving holiday, Darrell helped organize and coordinate the FC food pantry and Thanksgiving turkey dinner. In his spare time, he works at Darrell and Darren Smith Contracting, working alongside his father and uncle on many different construction projects as a carpenter's helper.

Upon graduation, Darrell plans to attend a 4-year college to achieve a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management.  He hopes to use this degree to eventually work in a larger capacity with his uncle and father.