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December Students of the Month: Sponsored by Fastenal

December Student of the Month: Sponsored by Fastenal  


Gracyn Keen, a junior from Lakeland High School, has been nominated December Student of the Month by her Patient Care Technician Instructor, Mrs. Jaclyn Chesnick. “Gracyn has stepped up as a junior leader. She is always on task, works hard to get her work done on time, practices skills until she excels and, most importantly, is always caught helping her peers in a kind, patient manner. Gracyn excels academically while also balancing her time between dance, managing the Lakeland track team, and working her part-time job. In addition, Gracyn is a student ambassador and most recently pushed herself out of her comfort zone to compete in SkillsUSA where she placed silver for Medical Terminology. Gracyn is always caught up with her assignments and works to get signed off on skills as soon as possible.”, stated Mrs. Chesnick. While in the Patient Care Technician program, Gracyn has obtained her OSHA10 certification and Mandated Reporter certification. Gracyn also acts as a CTC Student Ambassador and is a SkillsUSA district medalist. 


Gracyn is the daughter of John and Krishelle Keen. Gracyn strives to maintain high grades and has maintained an A average throughout her time at CTC as well as participating in advanced placement classes at Lakeland. She was also nominated for Student of the Month at Lakeland. “ I chose to come to CTC to get more hands-on practice in a field I enjoy learning about, the healthcare field. Also, I chose to come to CTC to meet new people, make new friends, and have a different high school experience from others”, stated Gracyn.


At Lakeland, Gracyn is a manager of the Unified Track Club, Unified TRIBE, and FCCLA. Although only a junior, Gracyn plans to attend a post-secondary school to study Cardiovascular Sonography or become a Mental health and Substance Abuse social worker after high school. 


December Student of the Month: Sponsored by Fastenal


John Almonte, a senior from Scranton High School, has been nominated December Student of the Month by his Cybersecurity Instructor, Mr. Tom Czachor “John is a hard worker, he is proactive when he knows he may be absent for a sports activity, what he will miss and what he needs to be working on. If he is absent, he will email that he is sick or has a Dr. appointment. He knows how to communicate, and ask questions when necessary. John is ahead in class and does extra assignments when additional tasks need to be done in class. He is currently working towards his Security+ certification. Most recently, John had to learn some new tasks for the District 1 SkillsUSA competitions. The contest had tasks which we did not cover yet. He dove in and learned how to do those tasks and won the gold medal”, stated Mr. Czachor. While in the cybersecurity program, John obtained his TestOut IT Fundamentals and PCPro certifications. 


John is the son of Carlos Almonte and July Aquino. “ I came to CTC because I loved computers and I knew there was a class here where I get to spend my day surrounded by them. I also had an interest in coming here because my sister came for cosmetology and when I came to her graduation, I was amazed by all the different shops. I also went to the head start here for preschool”, stated John. 


At Scranton HS, John is a member of the football and track teams. He participates in Spanish club, and ski club, and goes to the weight room. John has also been on the honor roll since his freshman year and is also a junior honor society member. 


Upon graduation, John plans to study cybersecurity and information insurance at either Penn Tech or the University of Scranton. 

December Student of the Month: Sponsored by Fastenal


Luigi Vitucci, a senior from Lakeland High School, has been nominated December Student of the Month by his Culinary Instructor, Chef Steve Anania. “Luigi has had a Solid “A” average ever since coming to CTCLC in the Fall of 2021.  He is a focused student, who not only accepts leadership roles and responsibilities, he looks for opportunities and challenges.  He is driven in the Culinary Program and wants to constantly keep busy and work. No task is too big or too small in his mind. For such a young man, he has a tremendous work ethic, that of an accomplished and responsible adult.  Always ready to help others out, he is kind and cordial to all. He takes great pride in being a “Young Culinarian”. Luigi is very mature for his age, and in my opinion, will go far in any form of employment he chooses”, stated Chef Steve. While in the culinary program, he obtained his ServSafe Food Handlers Certification and  OSHA 10 Certification. He also assists with all in-school and after-school catering Events and charity fundraisers.


Luigi is the son of Christine Vitucci. At CTC, Luigi is a Student Ambassador. “ When I chose to come to CTC, I pretty much didn’t know anything, but I knew I wanted a new kind of experience from the kind of school I was used to. Full of whatever it would give me; accomplishments, joy, lessons, good and bad memories, mistakes, problems, upsets, etc. I went through them all, and I say that I am satisfied with my choice to come to CTC”, stated Luigi. 


At Lakeland, Luigi was named student of the month for 10th and 12th grade. He has also been on the school's honor roll every year since 7th grade. Upon graduation, Luigi would like to head straight to the workforce and make an impact that he is happy with.